What is cloud printing for android


Cloud Printing is nothing, it’s a simple application for Android smart phones. Using this application you can print anything from any place. You can print anything with the help of your home printer. From using your Android device you can access and print across in our world.

How To Use Google Cloud Print From Android Tablet

 If you have a soft copy of your presentation and there is no any device for which you can make see your soft copy then your soft copy will consider as a worthless. And you know very well hard copy is necessary for everywhere because it is very effective to compare then soft copy. At that time you can print with the help of your Android smart phones and you can easily convert soft copy into hard copy. And you will present your presentation a better manner. The most interested thing is that it’s providing a free of cost application only you just have to install this application in your smart phones. Once you have signed up or registered in this application,  then you can use this facility. Sometimes it happens  that you have  seen in the browser and it is very interesting, even you wanted to print out at that time,  but you require for a system for it so do not be anxious with the help of this latest application cloud printing you may use just hand to hand print. If you are with this application you just necessitate only a Google account and printer.  After it you just have to sign up or registered on your Google account. Apart from this you just need to install this application on your Android smartphone. The most advantage of this application is that you can access from any social sites like Facebook, Gmail,  Twitter, or Google Plus anything you want. And this application is very simple to access it means everyone can use this application easily. That’s the reason behind of that the rating of this application is five stars.

How To Start Cloud Print From Android Phone

Once you have installed this application, then you have to launch it. It will take some moment after launching this application you just need to subscribe it. It supports an intermediary connecting interacts and additional API application that’s why it is very simple to install it. After launching it will give four options.

1.) Printer Management

In this option you can arrange or rearrange the size of papers like A4 size papers and A3 size papers And also additional kinds of surroundings similar to decorated printout or ink printout or laser printout or glossy printout.

2.) Feedback

In this option you can post  your likes or dislikes or something you want to post. And you can take feedback of this application.

3.) Setting

After clicking this option they will give you four options that which kind of printer you want and which kind of sheet you want. By clicking this option you can set.

4.) About Store

In this option it will give some options like from which point you want to access like-

1.) Gmail
2.) Cloud print
3.) Facebook
4.) Twitter
5.) Pi casa
6.) Messaging
7.) Bluetooth

Then you have to click on the Cloud Print after clicking it will ask that you can take pictures or you want to press share then you have to select on press share. After doing it will open a confirmation page where you have to mention your computer’s URL address URL address is nothing but just Universal Resource Locator with the help of this URL address your printer will connect your smart phone. subsequent to  it will inquire that you  actually want to publish or not, then push “yes” or “No” anything you want. This confirmation screen will give you File name or Icon if you will press the Icon then it will ask your size page setup, then you have to click that you are using A4 size papers or A3 size papers. After you have to click on Finished Button and you can take your printout. With the help of this easy procedure you can take print out of everywhere.

Cloud Print Settings Details In Android

 With the help of this cloud print application,  we can take not only a black and white print but also we can take any colored printout like Glossy print out, Inkjet Print out, or Laser Print out,  these are many types of print out but you have to select the setting option and after it you have to select one of them which you want to print. After that you have to select the size of the paper and color also. In this application,  there are lots of advanced features are also available from which you can set whatever. If you want to set transcript color or typeset size then any kind of suppression you can do with the changing of the setting.


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