Stone Age Begins with a new adventure mode!


Netball Games (Net Marlon) announced that it has added an add-on in Adventure Mode and added a new dino for Stone Age Begins, a turn-based RPG game.
The new adventure, called the supplementary, is the toughest, most brutal adventure, filled with ferocious and tough dinosaurs.
In addition, there will be four main points, each of which will have a 10-point outpost. The player can choose which one to play. If you pass the checkpoint, you will get great prizes, such as the famed Dino. And legendary dinosaurs.

There are also four more famed dinosaurs in the Stone Age Begins game, including Salsalgar, Clay, Tastar, Water and Earth, Reax, Water and Trees. The new dinosaur will look like a snail. It can be used to combat the strategy.

For this update Net Margin Activity “Dinosaur Fan Art Contest, New Salsing” via Facebook Page From today – December 13, 2016, all participants will receive 200 pieces of meat. The winners 1 – 3 will receive a random egg. Moreover Who can clear the checkpoint at 2-1 in the extra (adventure mode) with 1 star up to get more items! Whether it is a random chip, high intelligence, a random egg, the raw material evolved 5 stars.

Stone Age Begins is featured in the fun of collecting and raising dinosaurs to familiarize players. And strategic planning for turn-based RPG games. Net Margin has achieved great success in the use of IP (Intellectual Property) of Stone Age. The legendary 200 millionth popular online game to download. Stone Age Begins Mobile games are selected from the latest and still the original game.
Each character is made with advanced 3D graphics making the images realistic. It also features unique skills and fun effects that players can enjoy more from watching movies. There are also plenty of content in the game that will allow players and players to interact, such as real-time system, tribal systems, special dungeons, and tribal dinosaurs.
More information about Stone Age Begins can be found at the Official facebook page (

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