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Spotify++ is an app if you a music lover and I am sure you are aware of this app. Spotify plus plus is an app  If you want a music app and also like to have proper subscription, so I think this an outstanding app.

This app allows you to listen to unlimited songs without downloading them on your device. This is also true that it’s a feature which you have to pay almost 10$ per month. Now a music lover I can understand it’s not like everyone is ready to use the paid feature of Spotify premium apk.

So yes if you have an option of the same app for free with premium features so I’m sure you would like to have it on your device and yes I’m talking about spotify++.

Spotify++  Spotify Premium free for iOS


Spotify Music app is paid service for music lovers. You know now that you need to pay monthly subscription charges to use premium features of this app. As a premium Users, It will provide unlimited music skips, No adverts on the app.It has the best user experience when it comes to music.

With the Spotify+ + app you need not have to pay single $ to get your loving music app. Spotify plus plus is the mod version of the official premium Spotify premium plus apk in it has all the features of the all official app.

You can listen to unlimited songs, and there it’s a package full of surprises for music lover also it’s a free to download the app so need not to worry about spending money to get it. Yes in the article we will cover all the unique features of this wonderful app one by any so keep on reading.

Features of Spotify++ Premium App

Spotify++ Premium

Spotify++ is by far the most extensive music streaming service available. It’s a beneficial service for music listeners. While Spotify does have a free subscription, it is insufficient in what you can do with it. So here Spotify++ will provide you all the unique features/paid features, so here we will see all features one by one.

  • On Spotify plus plus iOS It’s a no Ads app so need not to get distracted by ads, again and again, your user experience will be so easy so with this app you will never find any ads.
  • You can do unlimited skips, as many songs you can skip as you like yes it’s a premium features to have in any music app so this app Spotify++  give you feature to unlimited skip.
  • Scrubbing through songs features is an excellent feature to have in an app, so this app also has this feature.
  • The best is the extreme sound quality streaming. With the Spotify ++ the quality of music will be extreme and you will love the quality of sound through this app.
  • You can listen to any song without needing to download them or pay for them individually.
  • You also can find Spotify plus plus iOS invent weekly with latest music files.

As a music lover, you  searched to for best music player for iOS, so I highly recommend you for Spotify premium plus apk,This app has the most massive numbers of running tracks in comparisons of the other app you can play any song without downloading it, and also It’s a free to use the app,So It is more handy for the Music listeners.

Spotify++ App Info:

  • Latest Version:
  • Its file size is 35 MB.
  • Ratings is 12+
  • Requirements iOS7 or later.
  • Compatible with iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch.

How to Download Spotify++ without Jailbreak – Spotify Premium free on iOS

Today we will see three methods to install Spotify++ on your iPhone and iPad. The first way is to use an app market called AppValley 

No computer or jailbreak required for your device. Once you get AppValley on your device, you do not have access only to Spotify plus plus but many other tweaks apps such as Snapchat++, MovieBox ++, AirShou++, etc.  Just remember you have to reinstall app in every seven days.

Okay if the first method doesn’t work out for you, you need not have to worry you can try method second which is tutu helper, it’s a fantastic marketplace of thousands of your premium apps and yes its also free to use,Now we will see the steps of each method by steps so keep on reading the article.

Method 1: Download Spotify++ Directly using AppValley

AppValley is a free App store to use, and it allows users to get the premium apps for free which are available on Apple store, You can get the mod version of Premium apps for free, and these mod versions have a lot more features than the regular official apps. Also, you get these apps for free to download and install so here we will discuss how to get AppValley first and even get Spotify++ on your iOS device.

Step 1: Open Safari browser in your iOS device and go to this link You have the option to choose either install AppValley VIP configuration profile or native app.

Spotify plus plus - iOS


Step 2: Once the AppValley app is installed on your device now open it and you will find Spotify plus plus iOS featured on the home screen of the app store.  Just select it and then tap Get to start installing the app.

Spotify++ Premium App

Step 3: As to finish installing Spotify++ in your device, Now open it and check the Untrusted Enterprise Developer message, Now you have to trust the developer. So now you have to do next step which is Settings > General > Device and Profile Management and trust the developer. You are ready to use the app now.

So we have just finished installing of AppValley app store, and also we saw how easy it was to get Spotify++ on your iOS device.The steps are straightforward and clear to get Spotify plus plus iOS on your device. Now we will see the second method which is through Tutu Helper.

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Method 2: Download Spotify++ Using Tutu Helper

Step 1: First you have Open Safari browser and go to in your device.

Spotify++ App

Step 2: As the web page will get loaded entirely, quickly notice the top of the page and switch to the Regular tab. Now Select Download Now. When it get prompted, press Install to confirm and check the next step.

Step 3: it will take few seconds to download the app. Wait till the download gets completed.Check the icon on Home screen.Now because you are using the app for the first time so first you have to trust the application.Do these steps to trust the developer Settings > General > Device Management and trust the profile that resides to the Tutu Helper app. Now Tutu Helper is ready to use. Also notice that In case you have downloaded the official Spotify app from the Official App Store, then you need first to remove it before we move on to the next step.

Spotify++ premium-apk

Step 4: Now quickly launch the Tutu Helper app Store and search for Spotify++ APK and install the application. Once Spotify plus plus iOS installed on your iOS device, you will notice Untrusted Enterprise Developer message. Do these steps to trust the developer Settings > General > Device Management and trust the profile that resides to the Spotify++ application. Now with the Spotify++ you get almost all premium features of Spotify Premium for free, and you need not pay monthly to use this app.

Shopify plus plus

So here we have just finished the second method of installing of Spotify++ apk through Appvalley, and also we saw how easy it was to get your Spotify plus plus iOS on your iOS device.The steps are very and clear to get these apps on your device.

That’s it. I just showed you two methods to get Spotify Premium free. Hopefully, it can help you enjoy music on your iPhone/iPad without any restriction. If you have any question about the installation process, let me know by leaving a comment below. I will try to respond as soon as possible.

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Spotify++ is indeed a favorite app for the music lover, and this is my preferred music application too. In my article, I have written all the features why it’s so favorite among the music lovers.

I have achieved how to Download Spotify plus plus iOS on iPhone and iPad mini candidly and also Without Jailbreak with Premium features for free at no cost involved. The best part that No computer or jailbreak required for your device.

You can not only get   Spotify++ but many other tweaks apps such as Snapchat++, MovieBox ++ AirShou++, etc. I Hope you like the article and also you will share it on different social media platforms even in future in you will get best articles so keep on visiting again.

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