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Snapchat is one of the fast growing app and gaining much popularity in the recent years. Snapchat is basically an image messaging app and can also used for sending and receiving small video clips. It is mainly focussed on private photo sharing purposes. Then this app was developed to make story lines under the name of “My Story” letting the user to post story lines in the form images or videos. This feature made snapchat even more powerful and much popular than ever. But as for everything in the world has both pros and cons, snapchat also comes with a limitation. Since the image messages present only for a short amount of time and the inability to save the pictures makes this app a little boring.

But now this limitation has been eradicated with a third party app called Snapsave. Snapsave apk is a replacement of the conventional Snapchat app. Unlike the snapchat it enables the user to save the snaps and stories. The official snapchat app will erase the snaps and stories after some time but opening your messages with Snapsave will store the images and videos in your phone memory.

Snapsave APk Download

How to Download Snapsave APK for android?

  • Click and the above link and download the APK. (Before doing this step verify you have checked the box, Allow from unknown sources in the security settings)
  • Install the app in your smart phone.
  • Enter you email ID as usual you do in the snapchat and give your password.
  • You can’t use both Snapchat and Snapsave all together. Logging in Snapsave will automatically log out from your snapchat.
  • After you logged in just use as your normal snapchat.
  • Snapsave is not supported by snapchat. So use it under your own risk. But thousands of the user all around the world are using it without any problems. So don’t hesitate to give a try.

Snapsave for iOS:

Though many picture saver app available, Snapsave is considered to be more efficient way of storing images and videos. Many versions of this Snapsave is available. This app can be found in Apple App store on iOS.

Snapsave on iPhone:

The interface of Snapsave on iPhone is same as that of official snapchat. All we need is to Enter the email information and pass word. How to use snapsave is elaborated above.

Features of Snapsave apk:

  • The user interface is easy and more similar to Snapchat.
  • It can save snapchat images videos and stories
  • The app does not require ant root on your smart phone.
  • The app is very flexible.
  • The installation is very easy
  • All options work like the official snapchat.
  • Snapsave is very compatible with almost all the Android operating Systems.
  • Open source installation.
  • App size is small

Snapsave apk is not supported by snapchat. The recent APK has been provided above. The easy interface and usability has made snapsave a powerful snapchat tool to save images videos and stories on phone memory of your smart phone.


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