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Playbox HD iOS 10 is an app if you are looking for watching free content like movies, Tv shows, cartoons, animation series and a lot more at the same place so yes you made an excellent choice to observe all that on Playbox hd iOS 10

This is indeed one of the best streaming apps and also very famous app among movie lovers, music lovers, and the popularity is increasing day by day , also this app is getting regular update so that the latest content is available for the users , so today we will see how to install Playbox hd  app on your iOS device step by step.

Playbox hd iOS 10 for iOS 11/10/9/8/7 – No jailbreak

Playbox hd iOS 10 - playbox-app

Playbox hd iOS 10 is a fantastic app for watching a lot may a variety of content so if you compare it with other similar apps in the market today you will find Playbox hd iOS on the upper hand, there are a lot many features which make this app unique and very responsive.

Also, you can watch a lot many of your all-time favorite movies, cartoons, Tv series for free of cost, okay one thing we like to clear that Playbox hd iOS 10  is not available officially on apple store,

there are few reasons behind the not availability of the app on apple store, but we will provide you the Apk file of Playbox iOS, also we will tell you how to download and install the apk file on your iOS device step by step, but before that we will see the fantastic feature of Playbox  app.

  Features of Playbox hd iOS 10

  • You can create the Playlist of your selected movies, and you can watch them as according to your choice anytime.A lot of choices to watch content wise like Movies, tv series, comedy, sci-fi, animation and lot more option to choose from the Playbox hd iOS 10 apk
  • You can stream videos on the higher quality 1080P HD Resolution, and most of the content is available on higher resolution and with the best of the graphics.
  • The server speed is breakneck while streaming the content; you will never find any lag while watching the movie anytime, it only required a good internet connection at your side.
  • The selections are very impressive in the Playbox app, and everything is nicely maintained so that users will never find any issues to stream their favorite content.
  • It a free to use the app and there are no charges involved to use playbox hd download
  • Regularly developers are adding new features to the app so that your app will update with the latest content.
  • You can download any movie and you can watch them whenever you have free time.

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Playbox hd iOS 10 installation for iOS 11/10/9/8/7 – No jailbreak

Playbox hd iOS 10

Method 1: Playbox hd iOS 10 installation through appvalley vip app store

Appvalley vip is one of the best app store in the market today where you can get the latest apk files, just check this article on how to install Appvalley vip apk on your iOS device, As you finish installation appvalley apk follow these steps to get playbox app

Step 1: open the appvalley app store on your device and Tap on the Library option.

Step 2: Tap on the browse button under the library option.

Step 3: Now you can see a lot of apps under the library option just search for Playbox app, just tap on the app and the installation with getting the start.

Playbox hd iOS 10 - playbox-ios

Step 4: Allow the pop up asking if you like to install apk, just Tap on install, and it will install as similar to any other app.

Step 5: You have to trust the developer for Trusting the profiles go to Settings > General > Profile and device management.

Step 6: Now You can access Playbox hd iOS 10 on your iPhone,iPad easily.

Method 2: Playbox hd iOS 10 installation through

Step 1: Open Safari Browser on your iOS device and visit this page

Step 2: Let the page get fully loaded, as the page gets loaded to find the Direct Download Button and Tap on it.

Step 3: You can see a pop up on screen with a message like would like to install playbox HD App just Tap on the Install Button and continue.

Step 4: Now you can see installation is ON and wait for few seconds to get the installation completed.

Playbox hd iOS 10 - playbox-ios

Step 5: Now you can see Playbox hd iOS 10 icon on your Home screen, just Tap on the icon and enjoy playing your favorite movies for free on iPhone,iPad.

So these were the two different ways to get Playbox hd iOS 10 on your iOS device, the steps were straightforward and easy and you can install it on your iOS device quickly, the application response is excellent if you compare with other apps in market with same features, this apps never hang or create any issues on your iOS device . So just follow the steps as mentioned and get your favorite content streaming app on your iOS device.

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Playbox hd iOS 10 for Mac/PC

Playbox hd iOS 10 can be accessed on your Mac operating system and also on your window operating system through an emulator called as Bluestacks Emulator. you have to download bluestacks Emulator on your Mac/Windows systems, and you can access Playbox hd iOS

So now we will see step by step how to download and install Bluestack emulator for your Mac/Windows system and also we will see how you can use Playbox hd app on the bluestacks emulator.

Playbox hd iOS 10 - playbox-hd-download

Step 1: First you need to download Bluestack emulator on your system.

Step 2: As you finish installation Bluestack emulator just run the file and open it on your Mac and windows system .

Step 3: Now Drag the apk file we have provided you for Playbox hd iOS 10 and simple drag it on Bluestacks Emulator.

Step 4: As you drag the file It will Automatically start the installation process, so wait for few seconds and let the file get appropriately installed on the bluestacks software.

Step 5: Now you can see the icon has come on Bluestacks Emulator, just merely Tap on the icon and you are ready to use the application on your Mac/Windows operating system.

Step 6: Now the Playbox hd iOS 10 is ready to use, and you can watch movies, tv series on your Mac/ Windows system.

So here we have seen how to get Playbox iOS 10 on your Mac/ windows system, the steps were straightforward and simple, we hope you will not find any difficulty in accessing Playbox hd App on Mac systems



Playbox hd iOS 10 is one of the best content streaming app in the market today. Also, the users are increasing day by day, so here mod developers have excellent reason to give more features for this fantastic app, so here we have seen how to get Playbox hd iOS 10 on your iOS device and also for your Mac and Windows operating systems.

The methods and steps were elementary, and you will not find any issues accessing playbox hd download on your device.So we hope you can access the apk now and enjoying the streaming of the best content on your iOS device, we hope you like the article, and you would like to share it on different social platforms.


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