MARVEL Future Fight, a new super hero, joined the team! Enjoy the mission inspired by the story of Thor of Asgard today.


Meet new uniforms. Join forces in three modes. “Invade the World Boss” Added a ceiling in LV.I.E.L.D. and so on

NetBlind Games Corp. Asia’s fastest growing mobile game company announced today that Mobile Game Action RPG like MARVEL Future Fight. As of today, as many Asgard characters will be added to the MARVEL Future Fight to 7 teams together, including Odin, Federico, Hogan, Volstagg, Nantes. , Ulysses and Hila, as well as three new uniforms by Thor. Inspired by the comic book series The Unworthy Thor, Chifff is accompanied by a futuristic set, followed by a new Spider-Man. The spider web

MARVEL Future Fight Updates chapter 11 and 12 in the story quest. The player can stop the rebellion of Natchez while facing the monsters, the Viking, and the Asgard soldiers. For the encounter with the new boss was inspired by the story as Asgard. Thor’s hometown You will be thrilled with the fight. “World Boss Invasion” is in story mode. Players can combine up to 3 players to create a real-time boss battle. And attack more variety of bosses as well.
“We are very proud to introduce the famous superheroes, villains and missions from Asgard to MARVEL Future Fight,” said Seungwon Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of Netmarine Games. “We intend to continue the fun of the fans with a game that focuses on fighting. The action is spectacular. And join in the adventure with the cool characters from Marvel”

MARVEL Future Fight has also increased the level of LV to level 70, as well as upgraded equipment like “Odin’s blessing” that can add slot to the device as well. Meet the new brutal mode! The player can save the battle in the alliance war. Moreover You will find the ultimate power to convert high-level black antimatter to a lower level.

List of characters to join MARVEL Future Fight:

  • Odin – the father of all gods The father of Thor by Odin is able to control his abilities and powers through “Odin Force”
  • Federico – beautiful, charming and obstinate Famous for the skill, sword, courage, and optimism. Same with his loyal friend. One of the members of Warrior Tree and a member of Thor.
  • Hogan – A Combat Expert Comes with a powerful blackjack. And as a fighter of Asgard. The Warrior Tree is a major weapon.
  • Wolverine – The Asgard and the Roosters There is a bright heart cheerfully. Volstag is one of the members of Warrior Tree, who holds the supremacy, power, resistance, and power of patience.
  • Nathaniel – a perpetual witch who is often used by Amora for her versatility, such as controlling magic in search of power and happiness. You will be fascinated with the beautiful look and stick with her cunning, cunning. Even the warriors of Asgard are still to be defeated.
  • Yule – the most formidable of the ancient trolls. Superb wildlife and the ability to camouflage the enemy is difficult.
  • Hela – Guardian of Death, Asgard The power of being and the death of her family. She is always planning to resist Odin and his power.


MARVEL Future Fight is now available globally on App Store® and Google Play ™.
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