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Instagram is one of the popular social media app which managed to reach over 1 Billion downloads on play store recently. Instagram is one of the best player in the social media industry. It is one of the biggest competitor of facebook.  Unlike facebook, instagram provides more importance for sharing pictures with family and friends. One can share each and every moment with others via instagram. Other than these instagram is similar in terms of likes, shares and other basis stuffs. Here we call the instagram likes as instalikes. It is always fun to share of best moments of life on instagram and get likes, follows and shares on our posts. At times we would be more worried that we don’t get enough clicks as per our expectation. In such cases we would be always looking for some tweaks to get free instagram likes on our posts. Well if you are the one under this category then you have landed on the right page. In this post we will be sharing the instalikes app apk which will get likes for your instagram posts. Follow the below guide carefully to get free instalikes for instagram.

Instalikes apk for android

If you are looking to install instalikes for android then follow the below steps carefully.

How to install instalikes app on android?

1.Download instalikes apk file from here.

2. Make sure you have enabled “Install apps from other resources” option from Settings.

3. Now open the downloaded file to install instalikes on your android device.

4. Once it’s installed open the Instalikes for instagram app.

5. Now in the first page you would find an ad to install the app.

6. That window is just a promotion of their app. You may click “No thanks” and skip to the next step.

7. Now here you would be finding some popular categories of instagram. It’s listed below!

  • Custom
  • Populars
  • Nature
  • Social and people
  • Animal
  • Weather and Seasons
  • Holidays and Celebrations
  • Family
  • Sports
  • Urban
  • Electronics
  • Fashion
  • Celebrities
  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Follow and Like
  • Travel
  • Art and Photography
  • Others

8. The above listed ones are the major categories of instalikes. Now you may select the category of your interest.

9. Inside your selected category you would find few more sub categories. There you once again need to pick the sub category of your interest.

10. On the selected sub category you would find many popular hashtags on that field. Say for example if you select Selfie as the sub category under Social and People then you would find hashtags likes #selfie #instaselfie #selfienation #instagood #selfiebro #selfiesnap etc…

11. What’s your work now is that you need to add these hashtags while you publish a new post in instagram. Note: Make sure you add the right hashtags for your posts.

12. Adding the instalikes hashtags properly will get you more likes on your post! Enjoy with instalikes 😉

How instalikes app works?

Instalikes app provides a list of popular hashtags in all the fields. So when you add those hashtags along with your post, the people who else are using those hashtags would obviously like your posts. Make sure you post something interesting and viral to get more instagram likes and followers. Hope you understood this simple concept of instalikes.

Instalikes apk for iphone

Though instalikes apk won’t support for iphone, you need not worry about it. A special version of instalikes is designed for iphone users and the best part is, it’s available on itunes.

Here is another method to get free instagram for iphone with Famepotion app. You may follow the below video for better understanding!

Hope the video helps you! Now let’s move to the installation of instalikes on PC.

Instalikes for PC

Unlike other apps, for running instalikes on PC one would require an android emulator like bluestacks.

Once you have installed bluestacks on your PC, you may follow the same method explained above for android.
It’s pretty straight forward to complete the installation procedure.

You may drop a comment below if there any issues with the installation of instalikes on your device.

FAQs of Instalikes

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to instalikes.

1.Does instalikes actually work?

Of course it will work for you to increase the instagram likes provided you have installed added the right hashtags on your posts.

2. Instalikes not giving me likes what to do?

Well as said before the type of post and the audience really matters. If you have posted some highly technical ones then very few would understand them and like it. Whereas on the other case if you have posted something related to politics, movies and other general topics along with the instalikes hashtags then obviously people who follow those hashtags would like your posts naturally.

3. How to fix instalikes error 400?

It may be due to the improper installation of the app or due to the internet issues or due to compatability of the version.

4. Is instalikes app safe?

Obviously it’s safe because you are not submitting any of your instagram account related details there. So it’s 100% safe to use it.

I hope I have covered all the FAQ related to instalikes. Do drop a comment below in case of any issues with the instalikes app apk.

One can download instalikes update from our website as we regularly keep updating this post with every new verson. You may download the latest version from the below link.


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