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iAndroid for iOS is one of those apps which are very famous among iOS users, if you wish to have android apps on your iOS devices, iPhone,iPad without jailbreaking we have a solution for you.

In this article, we will see how you can get an android emulator for ios on your iOS devices with ease through iAndroid for iOS, and also you need not have to jailbreak your iOS devices.

As you are aware not every app is available on apple store because few of the apps made for the android device, but here we will see how to get android apps on your iOS devices.

iAndroid for iOS –  Android Emulator for iOS

iAndroid for iOS
Android Emulator for iOS

iAndroid for iOS is indeed the best choice if you are looking for an android emulator for iOS, Yes as a user we can understand about your choice to have all kinds of latest apps on your device.

but what if you cannot get those apps on iOS platforms and those are available only for the Android devices so here the apk file iAndroid for iOS becomes very useful and using this apk file you can easily access the Android UI, apps on your iOS device, so now you might be more eager to learn how to install and download the android emulator for ios on your iOS device.

so well here we will see how to get iAndriod for iOS on your iOS devices, iPhone,iPad step by step but first we will check the fantastic features of this app.

Features of iAndroid for iOS Apk

  • iAndroid is becoming popular among those iOS users who want the Android UI and apps on their device also for no charge at all here we will check the feature of iAndroid iOS apk and why this apk is one of the best apk in a market which can allow you to access Android apps easily on your iOS devices.
  • The best feature of iAndroid for iOS is that you can switch between iOS and Android with a single switch, yes this switching will make your entire device from Android UI to iOS UI also you will never find any lag while switching the UI.
  • In case you find any issues on your iOS device you can quickly delete the app like any other usually app you uninstall from your iOS device, uninstalling your app will make your iOS device as before, and there will be no issues at all.
  • There is no restriction to use android emulator for ios from any part of the world; you can easily access iAndroid for iOS from anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection.
  • You don’t have to be worried about your iOS device at all as this app will become an integral part of your iOS device so it will perform smooth and there will be o issues at all to use this app on your iOS device.
  • You can access all features of Android on your iOS device with the help of iAndroid for iOS, and you can access to play store, you can get any premium paid app for free on your iOS device.
  • You have to install iAndroid emulator through Cydia so no need to jailbreak the iOS device which makes this app a better app if you compare it with other similar apps in the market.
  • While the feature like no jailbreak makes it easy to access as a lot of users don’t want to jailbreak their devices, sometime jailbreaking an iOS device make it a bit less smooth in operation and you may find a lag in operation sometimes.

Question: What is the Best Feature of iAndroid for iOS?

Answer: iAndroid can be very useful for those iOS users who want to use their device as an iOS UI and Also as Android UI, just with a single switch you can shift between both of them, The app is handy if you want to get paid android apps for free. Also, this app is full of unique features  to run android app on ios.

Question: Does iAndroid is safe to use on iOS devices?

Answer: iAndroid is very useful and also safe to use for your iOS device, you can easily install it on your iOS device, and even if you find any issues at all you can easily uninstall it like any other app you uninstall in your iOS device.

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iAndroid for iOS download for iOS 11/10/10+ without Jailbreak

iAndroid for iOS - Download

so now we will install iAndroid for iOS though iAndroid cydia, so you need to install Cydia on your iOS device, as you finish installing Cydia on your iOS device just follow these steps one by one and quickly you can access iAndroid on your iAndroid ios11.

Step 1: first you need to open Cydia in your iOS device and click on the Manage Option at the bottom of your device screen, Now you can see three options  Packages, Sources, and storage, You have to tap on the sources option.

Step 2: Now you can look at a repos list in alphabetical order which preinstalled in Cydia. Okay now notice one thing if iAndroid emulator repo is not yet added, so it means that you are already added to keep it and open it, and if it does not so add the below repo to the URL and click Ok.

iAndroid for iOS - Emulator

Source Name: http://apt.modmyi.com.

App Name: iAndroid

Note:  Also one thing you have to notice that if you find any bug in the repo, so it means there are chances that developers are developing the app or maybe your device is not compatible with this repo.

Step 3: Now you need to tap on the  Modmyi .com  which is just installed by the iAndroid repo on Cydia. You can scroll it a bit and quickly found it there.

iAndroid for iOS - without jailbreak

Step 4: As you will open Modmyi.com you will find the entire list of  apps, just scroll down the page a bit you will find the iAndroid  emulator for iOS, now click on the app.

iAndroid for iOS - free

Step 5: You can see install option at the top right corner just tap on it, and it will start to install on your iOS devices.

Step 6: As the app will get installed on your device you can see the icon of iAndroid on your home screen of iOS, Now it’s ready to use, and you can enjoy all the features of Android on your iOS device.

iAndroid for iOS - Cydia

So finally we have seen how to get iAndroid for iOS for your iOS device, the steps were straightforward and you can install it easily without any issues at all for your iOS devices.

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iAndroid for iOS is the very useful app if you are looking to switch your device from iOS to Android and also to get those apps which are not available on iOS platform, so this app will allow users to install android apps on iOS devices and you can easily access Android apps on iOS.

we have seen how to install iAndroid apk on your iOS device, and also we have discussed the features of this app, we hope you like the article and also you would like to share it on different social platforms.







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