How To Switch Off Dictionary In Android


Predictive-text input is a characteristic that assists a smartphone user observe a list of words that intimately match whatever he is typing on the keyboard & then prefer the preferred word devoid of writing the whole text. The characteristic is helpful for newcomers to the typing world, but for populace who are quite utilized with it, the predictions only eat up monitor space & serve no further helpful purpose. This feature is obtainable in the entire Android smartphones accessible today & can be disabled/enabled as per the condition.

  • You can immobilize the spell checker entirely. If your keyboard has previously offered all the spell-check functionality you require, then this might be a superior option for you. In Language & input in the tool settings, untick Spell checker. This will immobilize the pop-up & the red underlining for misspelled statements.
  • You can modify the language of the spell checker. From Language & input in the device settings, tick the settings icon, subsequent to Spell checker, then the globe symbol on the next screen. You can only encompass one language at a time in the evade spell checker, so this might not be supportive.
  • You can establish a replacement spell checker. Android permits further apps to offer the spell-check functionality in consign of the built-in spell checker. A dissimilar spell checker might permit you to have additional than one language facilitated. Once you’ve established the spell checker, permit it from the similar screen explained in the above option.
  • The red underlining, & the perpendicular menu of recommended corrections, are both offered by the spell checker. Mainly soft-keyboards also contain a catalog of recommended word completions, which are frequently in a horizontal line higher than the keyboard.
  • When typing on an Android tool, your spelling is checked routinely & substitute words are recommended.
  • If you don’t choose a word in the catalog of suggestions, a default word is utilized to replace what the system objects is a misspelled utterance.

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