How to solve heating problem in android mobile ?


If we talk about the new generation than smartphone devices have become an essential and most important part of our life even we can say that in this generation no one can live without smartphone devices. From morning whenever  we woke up until sleeping time our smartphone live in our hand.  It’s become a fashion, especially for youth people.  Everyone is too addicted to the smartphones. Users are connected all the time with her smartphones. But now a days user has to face a new bigger problem which is a heating problem if we see the high range of phones like the latest Lenovo K3 Note, another one is Micro max and Micro-max plus, these phones have so many problems of heating.  With these phones the basic problem has arrived due to the battery problem.

android heatingHow to solve heating problem in android mobile

There are some rays to solve Heating problem

1). First of all, you should check that whether your Bluetooth and related these kinds of functions like share it, Xender, other kinds of functions.  In this case there is lots of memory are wasted.

2). The Second thing is that you should also check whether your location setting like GPS connection is stopped or not.  If you are using GPS connection unnecessary that may be the chances of destroy your battery.

3.) If you are using battery unnecessary suppose you are sleeping and your smartphone is charging science night then it may be chances that your smartphone may generate the heat.

How To Solve Heating Problem In Lenovo a6000

Nowadays the selling off Lenovo phones is increasing day by day.  If we see in online shopping sides like Amazon, E bay,Flip-cart etc.  There is many selling of these Lenovo phones.  With these phones we should also take care about it that GPS connection is stopped or not when it is not used. Also take care about it file transfer functions like share it, Bluetooth, Xender, or many other files is stopped or not while it is not used. If we are talking about especially for Lenovo phone in this phone heating problem can we reduce easily.

1). Firstly, we have to Switch off our phone.

2).The second one is we have to press the volume key up and down key simultaneously,

3). After completion of these two statements  we have to use moving on the menu and when we see the displayed and power button to select.

4.) Attempt this process again and again.


How To Solve Heating Problem In Redmi 2 Prime

Redmi 2 Prime is also very smart phone  these days.  As we know looking wise it is very beautiful and smart phone. But if we see very deeply we will find that they has also addressed  the heating problem as Lenono phones. So for overcoming this kind of problem we have to take care and follow some kind of easy procedure.

1). When we are using 3 G and especially 4 G connection we have to take care that how much processor are continuously used towards in your smart phones.  If your GPS connection Is continuously running even we are not using then we have to disconnect our GPS connection. Because it will take maximum power consumption and produce more heat.

2). Second one is you should update your phone like your apps, like your browser. And you should always maintain clean master app in your smart phones it will defiantly help you to secure your smart phones.

3). Sometimes you should have Switch off your smartphone. If you are doing this that there is no chances that your smartphone is generating heat.


How To Solve Heating Problem In Yureka Plus

The basically heating problem has been addressed due to processor also.  Matter is that which processor are using and how much memory are occupied your smartphone same as how much space you have in your smart phone. So for overcoming these kinds of problems we have some procedure.

1).we should take care of that don’t use smartphones during your smartphone was charging because at that time there is more power and more heat as consumed that is very very harmful for not only our smartphones but also our body.

2). The second thing is that how many apps installed on your smart phone. Because if you have so many apps on your smart phone there may be a problem that your smartphone is creating the hanging problem.

3).  The third thing is that when you are in roaming area and at that time you are continuously using your mobile data or GPS connection ,then maybe your smart phone will generate heat problem lack of network problem.

4). Another thing is that simultaneously used by multiple processor suppose you are playing games and simultaneously you are using mobile data for chatting on Whatsapp with listening music also so do not use much multiple processor your smartphone will defiantly generate heat. As in the conclusion if you wants that your smartphone is work long time and properly then you should defiantly take care of it.


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