How to Run Two Instagram Accounts on Android


Run Two Instagram Accounts on Android, In today’s era of technology, hundreds and thousands of apps are made available to users. There are apps for everything, be it educational, games or social networking.

Run Two Instagram Accounts on Android

Instagram is one of the most trending social networking applications today.

It allows you to share pictures and videos on a vast array of social networking apps like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr etc.

A few queries that trouble the makers and the users are:

  • Can one have multiple accounts on Instagram?
  • Can one use two different Instagram accounts?
  • Can one manage multiple accounts in a single device?
  • Can one have two Instagram accounts?

Then came February, the month when Instagram gave away the boon the users were asking for. And that was the ability to manage multiple Instagram accounts from a single device, directly from the official Instagram app. Now, Instagram users have the liberty to add unto five accounts in a single device.



  1. Open the app and access your profile. Head to the settings option at the top right corner.
  2. Scroll to the bottom most part of the settings menu to access the “Add Account” option. Tap to enter your details to enable yourself to log in to a new account.
  3. You can manage both the accounts by switching between your username at the top of the application. A total of five Instagram accounts can be added by the same method.
  4. You can enable push notifications for all or some of the accounts, as you desire.
  5. If you need to log out of any account, you may open it and head to the settings menu. You will find a logout option at the bottom of the list.


Run Two Instagram Accounts on Android

The new update released by Instagram makers is available for i Phone users as well. Prior to this update, switching between multiple accounts was a cumbersome process, which requires repeated logging in and logging out of different accounts. This also brought to market apps like Instwogram. But now you can easily switch between multiple Instagram accounts, in a single app, directly under Instagram.

  • To begin with, you should have the latest version of Instagram on your device. To download the latest update, go to the Apple Store on iOS and download the latest version from there. Once you are done with it, open the app and log in to you account to go to your profile.
  • On reaching there, tap the settings icon at top left corner of your screen. The icon for Account settings is usually three dots at the top left of the screen.
  • Scroll down the settings menu to go to the “Information Section”. You will find an “Add Account” option. This option allows you to add a new account, on your device. Something to note here is, that you will not see this option if you don’t have the latest update.
  • On selecting the “Add Account” option, you will be taken to the log in page of Instagram. Here, you will have to enter the Username and Password for the account you want to add. Enter your username and password and log in.
  • To switch between accounts, you have to go to your profile. On the top left of your screen, there will be a fold up arrow displaying both your accounts. You can change them as per your requirement and choice.
  • You can add upto 5 accounts on the same app and device.
  • You can also use third party apps like Instwogram.


Switching between multiple accounts from the same app, logging in and logging out of multiple accounts can be frustrating and cumbersome. In order to avoid such a hassle, you can install third-party apps that let you run multiple accounts from the same device. These apps don’t make it to Google Play, you are required to install them manually.

Run Two Instagram Accounts on Android

In order to allow such apps, you should first allow installations from sources unknown. You can do that from the settings menu of your mobile phone. Just go to settings menu and check the “unknown sources” box. The app you are required to install is “INSTWOGRAM”, a clone of Instagram developed by “Me-Nex S”. By running this app, you are actually running Instagram twice, using each with a different Instagram account.

Run Two Instagram Accounts on Android

Although, most of the apps installed manually, are harmful and not supported by your device. So, you should download Instwogram straightaway from Instwogram XDA thread. Look up for the latest releases and download the APK from links available. On installing the app, you will be asked for a few permissions just like Instagram. You can sign in to Instagram using a different account with the help of Instwogram or create a new one, whatever you desire.

Run Two Instagram Accounts on Android

Now you have two Instagram apps running on a single device, Instagram and Instwogram- one real and other its clone. Each of the two can be connected to different accounts. The notification icons are also different in the two instances, enabling you to easily differentiating between the two.

  • Instwogram does not require any root access in your device.
  • It is compatible with android version 2.2 and above.
  • You can also link your Instwogram account with Facebook app on your mobile.
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