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About Greenify pro apk

Tired of your slow smartphone? Getting irritated due to mobile hang? Tried all available phone boosting apps in the Google play store? Then you guys had arrived at a right article to fix your problem. Today we will discuss a super phone booster app named Greenify Pro developed by Oases Feng. Though there are many booster apps available in the market, this app has positioned itself in a unique place. This app acts like a task finisher app cutting unwanted background apps that are lagging your phone down. We have also included the Greenify donation apk download link in this article which will enhance the performance of Greenify pro app.

If you have this app installed on your smartphone, then you have a powerful killer app running in your foreground process. This app detects any unwanted running apps then stops them from running into your background. By killing the background apps, you will have more space in your RAM which directly increases the speed and performance of your smartphone. Leaving your apps running in the background prevents you from launching the app again but it consumes a whole lot of RAM.  The killing of unwanted background apps not only boosts your phone but also saves and extends your battery life.

Though all the booster apps in the market do the same thing, this app does something different. This app not only stops the running background apps but also prevent those apps coming back again to run. This is the point where all other apps fail and giving Greenify Pro a special place among all other apps.


Greenify Pro APK Download Link

How to Install and use Greenify Pro Apk?

Step 1: First and the foremost thing is, your smartphone should be a Rooted one. Then you need to Install XPOSED FRAMEWORK app on your smartphone. It is nothing but a Phone customization app for a Rooted Device.

Step 2: Now install the Greenify Pro from the above link. Then open Xposed Installer and then select Greenify inside ‘Modules Tab’

Step 3: Now open Framework tab. Now click install and reboot. That’s all. Enjoy!

Inside Greenify Pro:

Open Greenify Pro, the list hibernated apps will appear. You can go to app analyzer option and choose the app to be hibernated.

NOTE: You should never hibernate clock and messaging app unless you need it.

The app actually has its own automatic app killing features. You can also customize the settings suited for your needs.

Greenify Donation package apk

Greenify app. Many features of the app are in development stage, it does not work on all devices and Greenify donation apk is a package that activates some experimental features in the ROM. These features may cause mobile malfunction and crash your app. Root is Compulsory.

How to install Greenify Donation APK?

  1. Check whether you have Xposed framework installed on your smartphone.
  2. Install Greenify Donation Package and run it. Now install Greenify.
  3. Now enable Greenify in the modules of Xposed installer app.
  4. Now reboot your phone.
  5. When you open Greenify now, you have unlocked Greenify donation version.

Features of Greenify Pro & Donation apk:

  • You can set up hibernate and lock screen shortcut to for a quick hibernating boost.
  • Greenify does not need to be running in the background, it is designed extremely light that it occupies only 5MB in your Ram and 0% of your CPU.
  • Some apps like Titanium Backup Pro have freeze feature for freezing the apps and defrosting the apps. But you can still use Greenify Pro as usual.
  • Block app state abuse
  • It will still keep the notifications of hibernated apps even after hibernation.
  • It also has a Wake-Up tracker.
  • It allows GCM push messages to wake up hibernated apps.
  • Unlike other apps like ‘XXX Task killer’, your smartphone never falls under cat-mouse-game of stealthy running and aggressive killing, which consumes even more battery.
  • The app never loses its composure during running continuously.

Bonus Feature: Auto-Hibernation is now working on Non-Rooted phones also.

So the best phone booster app has been discussed above. The download link is also provided and the installation method has been shown to you. Now you don’t necessarily need an iPhone in order to use you mobile without any hang because you have a powerful phone booster and Battery Saver app now.


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