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GBWhatsapp Apk is indeed a favorite app among Android device users, and you are very well aware of WhatsApp, and you already have installed it on your android device.As presently the most popular messaging app in the world has millions of users worldwide besides that still if you get some mod in WhatsApp so sure you will love to have that.

Yes, here I will tell you about GBWhatsapp. I’m sure few of the readers have recently known of this fantastic app and landed here searching for the app, so yes I will give you all details about the app.

GBWhatsapp Apk – Latest 2017 Version  

GBWhatsapp Apk
GBWhatsapp Apk

GBWhatsapp Apk which is so popular now among Android users as well as you are aware android users are in millions. So today we will cover not just the great features of this app, but we will also provide you the direct link to GBWhatsapp  Apk download on your android device.

As you are aware of this fact that there are a lot many mods available on the internet for WhatsApp app but have you ever used any tremendous favorite app yet? Yes, I am taking about GBWhatsapp messenger APK.

I can understand your more curious to know why is this so popular among all other available apps on the internet. The reason behind its tremendous demand is its features. Let us discuss every element one by one, so you can get all the features cleared in your mind and you will use this app on your android device hassle-free.

Features of GBWhatsapp Apk 

As you are aware of the popularity of GBWhatsapp Apk and you are curious to know more about this husky app so why not we see the immersive features of this app. One thing I would like to tell you before starting that this is one of those apps which is getting regular updates time on time and this is a fantastic feature.

  • It’s possible to make the call on those numbers which are not in the contact list so you can call on any name with the help of this app which is a nice feature to have.
  • You can send videos up to 50 Mb so you can send higher size video files.
  • This app established on the latest version of WhatsApp Apk 2.17.296.
  • This app has a feature that media auto download for precise group /contact only.
  • Video calling can be done with the app which is indeed a required feature these days among any android device user. Everyone likes to make a video call to connect with friends and family.
  • All the bug’s related issue has solved which noticed while sending video; it’s a clean app to send video from yr device.
  • This app also has Message Scheduler Inbuilt feature which allows you to Schedule Whatsapp messages from this app.
  • A function like a view status privacy makes this app precise.
  • GBWhatsapp supports 100+ languages so changing it your desired style is no issues at all; you can change the language setting smoothly and keep the word as you like to deliver in front of the another GBWhatsapp APK user.
  • You can create your own Whatsapp theme and surrender it to GBWhatsapp Apk.
  • There are no issues like Banning, so no need to worry about Ban.
  • You can copy paste your Whatsapp text quickly without any problem at all.
  • You can install GBWhatsapp Apk with original app, and there will be no clashing issue using both of the apps in one device.
  • You can send 90 images at once instead of 10 images, so this feature is perfect for those who like to take a lot of pictures in a day. This feature will make photo transferring a lot easier.
  • You can make group name up to 35 characters so you can name all funnier group names as you like.
  • Collections of latest Emojis is a great feature indeed as everyone like to mix text with Emoji of the same mood.
  • You can hide your chat and can save your status or story.
  • You can protect you’re last seen, blue ticks, second ticks typing a message and a lot more.
  • There is Mod to stay online for 24*7, but this feature may consume additional battery.
  • You are allowed to change application icon or notification icon so that you can change according to your choice. This feature is a useful feature for customization of your app.

These were few features I like to highlight on; also there are several other features on GBWhatsapp apk plus extreme apk you will relish on this app.

GBWhatsapp Apk Download Latest version – How to Install GBWhatsapp Apk

As you are ready to use GBWhatsapp Apk download apk for your Android device and you are already aware of its high feature so now let figure out the installation process step by step. Here I will tell every step to install the latest version of GBWhatsapp Apk download for android device

Step 1: Open settings on your Android device and click on Settings > Security > Unknown sources.

GBWhatsapp Apk - Latest-2017-version

Step 2: As you will enable unknown sources to install the application on your device and wait for few seconds to complete the installation.

GBWhatsapp Apk - Download

Step 3: Now open the application after final installation and enter your mobile number.

GBWhatsapp APK - download-apk

Step 4: After you begin your mobile number GBWhatsapp Apk plus extreme apk will verify your mobile number through automatic code detector OTP. As the code will be activated, you are ready to use the application.

GBWhatsapp Apk - latest-version

Now you can use your GBWhatsapp Apk free download without any hassle at all, and you can make changes accordingly and also you have features like more mods. There is no rooting invaded in installing the application on your Android device. Rooting your device sometime have risk involved to unlock additional features n your android device so without rooting your android device you can quickly get GBWhatsapp Apk latest version installed on your android device.

Permission Required Installing GBWhatsapp Apk on your android device:

  • Internet Access
  • Record Audio
  • Kill Background Task
  • Record Audio
  • Use Map service
  • Vibrate
  • Modify Audio Settings
  • Write External Storage
  • Send SMS
  • Get Accounts
  • Access WI-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, Mike, NFC
  • Access Device Location
  • Read Contacts
  • Modify Audio Settings

GBWhatsapp Apk – Latest Version Info

  • App Name: GBWhatsapp
  • App Version: 5.90
  • Last updated: 19th September 2017
  • Downloads: 5,500,000+
  • App Size: 35.75
  • Compatibility: Android 4.0+
  • Main Task: All whats app features with some hidden features
  • Developer: GBMods

How to Download and Install GBWhatsapp Apk on Windows PC?

You know this fact that you cannot install apk file directly on your PC because an apk file is an android file and designed for android phones but still have eyes on apk files for your Window pc so yes it can be done through an Android Emulator.

You know about many Emulators available in the market, but I would still prefer Bluestacks over all the other Emulators. Okay, let us go through all the steps one by one to install GBWhatsapp Apk on your window PC.

Step 1: First get Bluestacks for your window PC.

Step 2: As you finished downloading bluestacks on your Windows PC follow this guide installing Emulator correctly on your system and you can take a look at GBA4iOS Emulator.

Step 3: Download GBWhatsapp Apk now.

Step 4: Make sure that you have added Google play store while you are launching the Bluestacks.

Step 5: Select GBWhatsapp Apk and Tap on it to open it with the help of Bluestacks Emulator

Step 6: Finally the installation is done for GBWhatsapp Apk 5.90 on your Windows PC.

How to Install GBWhatsapp Apk On Mac?

The installation process of GBWhatsapp Apk on mac is very quickly, and here I will tell step by step how to install GBWhatsapp on Mac and GBWhatsapp for iOS.

Step-1: you need to download GBWhatsapp from the link I have provided you above.

Step-2: Make sure the link I have provided use that only as the link is for the latest version.

Step-3: As you finished downloading the apk file, all you required is an Emulator like Bluestacks.First, download the Bluestacks Emulator or any Emulator of your choice and complete the installation first on your Mac systems.

Step-4: Open the Emulator and tap on the Search Bar.

Step-5: Now open File with the installed emulator.

Step-6: It will ask to agree to the terms and conditions of installing of GBWhatsapp on your Mac system.

Step-7: Just hold for few seconds to complete install of GBWhatsapp Apk on your Mac device.

Step-8: Just look at your App Menu you can see app icon to use on your Mac Device. As you will see the app icon, you can efficiently use it on your Mac system.

Now we know how to Install GBWhatsapp apk on Mac operating system and also on Windows operating system so you can get this application on both of the devices as per your choice and efficiently you can use GBWhatsapp.


GBWhatsapp Apk is free of cost to use, and there are no charges involved in using the application. GBWhatsapp will take your WhatsApp experience to a new level which you are inevitably going to relish.As you know; it has an ultra-feature application with lots of layouts available for GBWhatsapp Apk. I hope you like my post and also would like to share on social media.


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