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GBA4iOS – The GBA4iOS 10.3.3 installing without Jail breaking is a tough task to do, and I know The GBA Emulator for iOS vigorous thing to install curiously when your device updated to the newer version.I have seen this issue myself on my device so yes I can understand about this task to install the GBA Emulator in your device so here I will help you to get you easily on your device without any hassle at all.

GBA4iOS – GBA Emulator for iOS

I also update my post to update you with best available ways to install GBA Emulator for iOS time on time. One thing I wanted to suggest you is this best is to Bookmark this post so whenever you have to update the newer firmware, you can directly land on this post.

Features of GBA4iOS IPA

GBA4iOS - How-to-install-GBA-Emulator-for-iOS

GBA Emulator for iOS has a lot of features in the latest version 2.1. GBA4iOS download is a Gameboy advance Emulator which allows you to enjoy advance Gameboy Games and let install for iOS 10, iOS 11. We have tested this several times and found nothing which gives any Non-working Function and we can suggest to you will go ahead with the installing process without any issues involved at all. GBA Emulator For iOS also allows you to several out-dated games like Super Nintendo, Pokémon, and Atari and many more Games.

  1. It gave you a custom Url Scheme which is the perfect option.
  2. Controller skins: it also provides Game boy advanced and game boy color so you the user experience enhances and you like the over UI of it, so it’s a pretty useful feature to have.
  3. You can also have Dropbox sync feature so you can have your file under Dropbox.
  4. Cheats code and Auto Save are few features which you will enjoy using them.
  5. It also allows you Multiplayer support, so it’s a good feature to have.
  6. Controller Opacity will make it easier in many ways.

So these are the great features and I hope you are also looking to install GBA Emulator for iOS, so here I will be listing methods to install in your device.

GBA4iOS Questions & Answers

Before you start downloading the GBA4iOS 10.3.2 we would like to tell you that some of our audience ask for some quick questions which is related to GBA4iOS iOS 9 and iOS 10 and before answering those question, we would like mention those question here and share the answer and solution whatever you call it,  with all of our audience.

So let’s take a look at the questions we got from all of you:

  • How do you download roms for GBA4iOS?

Answer: Watch the Video Down below to know how to download roms for GBA4iOS?

  • How do you install GBA4iOS?

Answer: Install GBA4iOS by watching below video.

  • What is GBA4iOS?


  • Is GBA4iOS safe for your iPhone?

Answer: YES it is completely Safe and millions of iOS users already using it on their iOS based devices.

How to Install GBA4iOS – Install GBA Emulator for iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8

Method 1: Using Date trick way

Update: This Method is no longer Working Now.

Method 2: Using iOSEmus

  • First, you have to visit this website through your safari browser.

GBA4iOS - Using-iOSEM

  • Now Tap Down button on home page.
  • Tap Install>install>done; Now you can see iSOEMUS on your home screen. Just open it.
  • A fewer Seconds will take to reach Homepage. As you will come on Homepage, you can notice one icon of GBA4iOS Skins on the MOST POPULAR APP Section. Even Doing above step if you can’t see anything you just refresh icon on the top left corner to reload data. Now you can see image of GBA4iOS Roms.

GBA4iOS - Install-GBA-Emulator-for iOS 10-iOS 9-iOS 8

  • Now just tap on the GBA4iOS iOS 11 icon. Wait for a second and check that the installing page is loaded, now tap onto the top left corner. Now you can notice a POP-UP and click Install. Just wait for fewer seconds it depends on your network speed also if your speed is higher it will install in seconds. Now you will see another POP UP querying to install it again. Now click to start the process.
  • AS the Installation completed is finally completed, you can find a new icon GBA4iOS 10 on your Home Screen. Now you have to trust it first. Navigate to Settings>General>Profiles and just select the certificate names as AXIS Logistic Now hit the trust option.


Now you’re GBA Emulator for iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8 is completed and finally installed and ready to use for GBA4iOS Date Trick. The next step you need is getting some GBA4iOS Pokemon ROMs for your Game Boy Advance Games. You can also use the browser within the Emulator to download and install ROMs. So it was the second method to Install in your devices.

GBA4iOS - Install-GBA-Emulator

Method 3: Using iEmulator

iEmulator is also one way to Install GBA4iOS Games – Install GBA Emulator for iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8. You can download iEmulator from this download link and after downloading it successfully just follow the instructions to install to download the app. If you find the version still enlisted, you can install it without facing any issue’s at all. As you will finish installation you use to do is Trust the app by Navigating to Device Management under Settings > General. Now this task is done, and we will move to the process of installing ROM.

How to install ROMs for GBA4iOS

  • Tap the search icon placed at the top right corner.

GBA4iOS - Using-iEmulator

  • Now the browser will navigate it to the Home Page.
  • Search for your loved Game ROMs. Here we entered Emuparadise .me and looked for the search for Packman game.
  • As you hit the downloading link, you will notice a pop up asking you to confirm downloading.
  • Just hit, and this will start to download and install the game data for you.
  • Now you can enjoy your games, and you can have fun playing them.

As you will finish the downloading of ROMs, we highly recommend you to enable Dropbox sync feature. While doing this, it will save the ROMs to your Dropbox account so that you can play games on any of your devices or you can reload game data after as you update to a higher iOS version.

Now check this step to enable Dropbox sync, just navigate it to the app settings by tapping the Gear Button.  Then scroll down a little bit and turn on Dropbox Sync toggle. If you wish you can also setup synchronization for each game.

GBA4iOS - Install-GBA-Emulator-for-iOS 10


I have mentioned all the methods to Install GBA4iOS Install GBA Emulator for iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8.Also, I have mentioned all the possible best ways for”Installing for iOS” These were the best ways we used to install on our devices, and I hope you are also using these ideas now and enjoying your favorite games in your devices.

Even if you feel like any step to are finding it difficult do let us know by commenting down below. If you find the article useful do share it on the social platform.

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