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As the world is obsessed with the old twitter, Fenix apk gives you a whole lot of twitter experience than before. Though there are hundreds of twitter apps in the Google play store, Fenix stands tall than any other twitter apps available. You can customize your account in the way you never experienced. Fenix for twitter apk provides full access to the user to control the user interface of the app. You can set any theme light, dark or black. You can have full control of the color scheme. Besides providing full color and design control, Fenix apk gives the full access to control the timeline content. You can technically control all the aspects of the timeline. Fenix app has the ability to stop showing the tweets in which you are not interested. Say, if you don’t want to see tweets regarding football, you can remove all tweets that contain football.

Another best thing about Fenix apk is its stability. The official twitter app is often prone to bugs, lags missed notifications and app crashes. But switching to Fenix app does not give you any of the mentioned problems. Fenix apk also provides you with multiple languages translations including French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Russian. You can also hide your direct messages and favourite tweets which are an added advantage.

Fenix apk download:

You can find the preview version of Fenix apk in the official Google play store but the full version of the app is not available there. The download link for the latest version of Fenix apk is given below. You can directly download the apk Fenix apk from there.


How to use fenix apk?

The app is really very simple to use with an awesome use interface. It is very much simplified than before so you don’t have any problems in using the app. All you need is a twitter account and you are good to go.The timeline of the Fenix looks like this. Generally it is filled with your interested tweets. It is just same as the timeline of normal twitter app.

  1. The timeline of the Fenix looks like this. Generally it is filled with your interested tweets. It is just same as the timeline of normal twitter app.
  2. The colour theme of the app can be changed based on user preference. Now for an example, the app theme is set to dark and look how simple it is.
  3. Next the profile settings consists of all your account settings. This panel is all about customizing your account. You can change your privacy settings timelines activities direct messages and many more.
  4. The top right corner with three vertical dots is the options button from where you can change app settings and can view information about the app.

Features of fenix apk:

  • You can upload your beautiful moments and videos straight forward.
  • You can never miss a notification and activity.
  • You can stay updated with real time updating of new tweets and retweets.
  • You can use multiple accounts in the app.
  • The app supports multiple projects.
  • The app is built with an internal browser.
  • You can use multiple colour scheme or theme.
  • The app supports tweet marker.
  • Timeline links are clickable.
  • It has notice gadgets.
  • You can switch account while creating a new tweet.
  • You can jump into your previous searches easily.

Versions of Fenix for twitter apk:

There are some couple of versions available for fenix apk. Some notable are mentioned below.

Fenix 2.4.8 apk:

It is an older version of fenix apk. It is much similar to the recent updates. The app sometimes crashes and force stops.

Fenix 2.4.9 apk:

It is an improved version of Fenix, All bug and others problems are fixed in this version of the Fenix app. The app now has a better integration of image. You can mute people hashtags. You also have the TweetMarker help.

Fenix is always ahead of other twitter apps pushing the limits of technology. This app is sometimes felt to be so ahead that the twitter app itself must be adding their features from Fenix. It provides so much customizing options than any other available twitter apps. Happy Social Life.


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