DraStic DS emulator apk paid full version {pro pack} free download & How to use?



Drastic DS Emulator is a game emulator designed for Android operation system. It is specially created for Nintendo Games under the banner of Exophase. Nintendo games are Japanese Multinational Gaming Company and it is one of the World’s largest influencing Gaming Company. They are also the creators of some top known Games like Mario and Pokémon.

This app is created to enhance the Gaming Experience two times the original quality. Though there are many emulator apps available in the market, this app has distinctive features than all other emulators. There are many special features available for this app. There are two versions available in Drastic DS Emulator. A trial version and full version. Another fascinating advantage of this app is its compatibility with high-end Android devices and its ability to run at full speed and with better quality in low-end Android devices.

Drastic DS Emulator does not require any Root and can be installed in any Android Devices. This app can also run on Kit-Kat, Marshmallow, and Nougat. Let’s discuss some of the important features of this emulator.

Features of Drastic DS Emulator:

  • Pause and features which allow you to resume the game from where you left.
  • Can operate both in landscape and portrait mode.
  • Easy customization and placement of the DS screens.
  • Ability to backup the saved games on the cloud.
  • It comes with the enhanced 3-dimensional graphics 2x.
  • Provides complete support to the physical controls in devices like Sony Xperia Play and nVidia Shield.
  • Optimize the speed of emulation with fast forward options.

How to Install Drastic DS Emulator APK on android?


Actually, this emulator comes with two version. One is free with limited features and other is paid one. In order to get access to all the features, you would need to download drastic DS emulator apk paid fully cracked version. 

Drastic DS Emulator apk full version cracked Download


Step 1: Open the installed app from your Mobile

Step 2: Select load game, a list of available Nintendo games will be diplayed, if not the app automatically opens a manual location selection of installed game.

Step 3: After selecting the game, the game gets launched, with better graphics than before and with improved speed and performance. It is much simple as I said before.

And this how to run a game in Drastic DS Emulator. It’s such a simple and effective way to have rejoicing Gaming Experience.


Things you to need to know about Drastic DS Emulator Android App:

Now let’s cover individual aspects available in the game.


Drastic DS Emulator allows you customize directly the options available in it. One of the notable customization is that we can skip the frame and set frame values. It also has the fast-forwarding option, which can set to maximum speed. Multi-threaded 3D rendering can also be performed.


We can enable sounds and disable them, Microphone device can also be enabled and disenabled. We can adjust virtual gamepad settings. We can even adjust menu button position and keep special buttons for controls.


We can tune controller opacity directly without the intervention of the game.

External Controller:

We can manually select key mapping, map keys and special mapping and also can rename them. Then we can also enable analog triggers.


The app shows the Frames per Second (FPS). It also has a transparent Frames per Second display. The AutoSave feature is one of the notable feature of this app. No need of saving your progress in the game every time. It resumes from previous save when resumed. Overwriting on saved game prompts for confirmation by the user. While playing we can disable back button and menu button so that next time we place our hand on them doesn’t intervene our game.

Google Drive:

We can refresh anytime the save availability any time on our drive. We can customize system settings. We can also reset Google drive account.

New features in Drastic DS Emulator:

Some graphics problems and bugs are fixed. When virtual pad is displayed there occurred some problems in D-Pad area which are now fixed completely. Portrait and landscape view problems are fixed. Fast-Forward option which is displayed on the screen is disabled. Some minor errors on the display screen has been fixed.

Wrapping Up:

So a quick analysis about the Drastic DS Emulator app has been discussed and we wish you to have an amazing gaming experience with high graphics and speed. Hope the article will benefit you guys.


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