Cydia Tweaks – Top 50+ Best Cydia Tweaks of 2017 for iOS


Cydia tweaks are alternative to the iOS store, and it has a lot of useful features and few drawbacks too. Cydia has one of the drawbacks that it doesn’t offer something like The Feature Tab or Categories in the app store. So few times is annoying to find tweaks or packages on Cydia tweaks iOS 9 to install.

Cydia Tweaks – Best Cydia Tweaks

While you are searching for such features as Best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 10 and Cydia we have some uses full tweaks for you specially Cydia tweaks. I have tested it for a few days now, and finally, I have created a nice list for you which is great to look. I have mentioned the most significant tweaks to the tweaks which are handy and exclusive, whatever research I have done in last few weeks the best outcome I have written here just to make sure our user will get all information and use the Best Cydia tweaks download in the best way.

Best Cydia Tweaks - iOS 10-iOS 9-iOS 8

  • Best tweaks for Facebook and Messenger.
  • Best Cydia tweaks for social media apps.
  • Top Cydia tweaks which are imperative for iPad.
  • Best 3D Touch Jailbreak Tweaks on Cydia.

Best Cydia Tweaks – Top iOS 9 and iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaks

1: Alkaline

Best Cydia Tweaks

Alkaline has one great feature that allows you to change your phones battery, Wi-Fi, and data indicators without using the help of the whiteboard. It also comes with pre-installed default theme besides yeah you can download a lot more from Best Cydia tweaks.

Note: Free

2: App Locker

Best Cydia tweaks - Applocker

It is one of the most trusted tweaks in privacy concerns. As you will install these Best Cydia tweaks download you no need to worry about privacy at all .this app allows you to safeguard your data with a higher level of security.

by setting a passcode for every individual app like Facebook, messages, contact details, pictures, etc. one thing you have to notice if your device is not TOUCH ID technology assist device still you can get a password option alternatively.

Note: $ 0.99

3: Auxo 3 

Best Cydia Tweaks - Auxo 3

Auxo 3 is one of those tweaks which can do multiple tweaks. There are three major features of Auxo 3 named as Multi-Centre, Hot corner, quick switchers.Multi-centre:  it transforms the control centers on an addition card like in apps in Multitasking channel, so this is a cool feature.I found this one as of the  Best Cydia Tweaks in my research.

Quick Switcher: the best feature of this it makes switching between recent apps easier just by drag your finger, so it makes switching very easy and simple hot corners: it has a feature that it provides a faster navigation between app switcher, Home screen, and lock screen, so it makes it very simple.

Note: $2.99

4: Bytafont 3

Bytafont 3 is very competent to change any font you don’t like in your system, for example, if you don’t like using San Francisco font in your iOS 9 so you can change it by using any font with the Bytafone 3 and get your desired font. Also, you have to remember this point that the Best Cydia Tweaks 2016 itself doesn’t come along with any font.

After installing Bytafont 3, you need to open Cydia, and you can find and download fonts you like after that uses Bytafone 3 to execute that. The tweak will do rest of that, and you can use whatever font you like to use.

Note: Free

5: Activator

Best Cydia Tweaks- Activator

Activator is one significant “best iOS 10 jailbreak tweak” that most everyone installs in their devices after jailbreaking.This tweak delivers a lot many shortcuts which allow you to implore quick actions. We will discuss one situation as you can do one thing you can allocate double tap on status bar gesture to open app switcher or just you can switch to next song by using volume up button.I found this one as of the  Best Cydia Tweaks in my research.

Note: Free

6: Apex 2

Best Cydia Tweaks - Apex 2

Apex 2 also more likable because of the new stock iOS folder interface. It also allows to group up to four additional sub-apps to a first app icon. Another way to disclose these sub-apps, just execute a  swipe up, swipe down or double tap gesture on the original app icon.

Note: $3.99

7: Camera Tweak 4

Best Cydia Tweaks - CameraTweak-4

Camera Tweak 4 is the best Cydia music tweaks iOS 7, iOS 8  when it comes to taking photos on your iPhone devices. The best feature of this tweak offers control over the device which usually you cannot get on default camera of iPhone. You can quickly shift FPS settings for videos, resolutions of your photos; you can even have a separate focal point in exposure, you can even set time and many more unique features. The version available is Camera Tweak 3(iOS 8) Camera Tweak  2 (iOS7).

Note: $1.49

8: Browser Charger

If you have any intention to use any third party web browser such as chrome or Firefox, so this is you must have to tweak in your device as allows you to change the default browser which safari to any other browser you would like to use, so with this best Cydia apps 2017 tweak, you can easily change your desired browser in your device.

Note: Free

9:  Free CCSetting

Best Cydia Tweaks - CCSetting

CCSetting can be very useful if you want to add some essential toggles like cellular data, Location service, Hotspot, VPN, or you can even remove any toggle you don’t want to show on your device. With the help of CCSettings, you can arrange control center option from settings.I found this one as of the Best Cydia Tweaks in my research.

Note: Free

10: Detailed Battery Usage

 Best Cydia Tweaks - Detailed-Battery-Usage

As you know as iOS devices users apple bring a new battery usage page that assists in finding out which app is gripping the most battery. Even then you need more information on your battery gripping and iPhone system you can still use this best free Cydia tweaks ios 10, after installing it on the device you can have more detailed graphs on system usage, you can find details like how much strength juice is using by your device by stats of GPU, SOC, and CPU. So it’s a handy tweak for your device to keep an eye on the battery gripping. You can use it to optimize your device robust.

Note: Free

11: BioLockdown

Best Cydia Tweaks - Biolockdown

Is one of those best jailbreak apps iOS 10 tweaks employing TOUCH ID feature to handover users with the advanced level of security on their devices. @rpetrich develops this, Biolockdown having a higher standard of safety and also allows users to protect iOS apps and also regulate access to Toggles and setting panes in the stock setting app.

Note: $ 1.99

12: Equalizer Everywhere

 Best Cydia Tweaks - Equalizer-Everywhere

Everyone loves music and any form of music, and if you are a huge music fan, you need a “Best Cydia tweaks iOS 10”. Equalizers everywhere makes your Audio sound better and adjusts according to your earphones or headphones. The audio controller of this tweak is very easy to use, and you can control your sound quality quickly from there, this is one tweak every music lover must have it give a proper outcome of music from your device, so it’s very suitable.I found this one as of the  Best Cydia Tweaks in my research.

Note:  $ 2.99

13: Cercube 3

Cercube 3 approve you download the video directly from YouTube app and save them directly into the device camera roll.  Also, allows you to export audio to the music app, allow playing music in the background, also allow downloading videos in 1080p if the video is available in same .this is not just the all useful  top free Cydia tweaks ios 10 of Cercube 3 you can use it and can find what all, best it can do.

Note: Free

14: Eclipse 3

 Best Cydia Tweaks - Eclipse-3

Is one tweak which can change the app interface to the night mode and make it appear to read at night? One thing you can notice in Eclipse 3 that the apps which get night mode disabled by default, you can only enable them manually and save your time, so it is beneficial for night readers those who love to read at night on their devices.

Version available Eclipe 3, Eclipe 2 (iOS 8)

Note:  $0.99

15: Failsafe

This tweaks Failsafe is very useful if you lost your device and someone tried to use your Wi-Fi, so this tweak will enable Wi-Fi, location service, and cellular data service if the entered passcode is incorrect by the user, this device will be able to track through finding my iPhone service. This free cydia tweaks source is handy to have on your device as it will give information about your device location in a situation when it may get lost, and someone tries to unlock it.


16: Confero

Best Cydia Tweaks - Confero

Confero is one best free iOS 10 tweaks which plunks all your apps with notifications into one single folder which will allow users to clear app budges at once by swipe up an app or just by long holding on it. You can calmly access this folder by strike on the tiny icon the status bar or by using an Activator Gestures on it. So it a straightforward process to clear app budges at once, and the operation of your device will be easy.I found this one as of the  Best Cydia Tweaks in my research.

Note: $ 1.49

17: ikeyWi

Best Cydia Tweaks - ikeyWi

With ikeyWi installed you can add raw of numbers keys on the top of the keyboard on the (fifth row) now after installing this, you no longer need to press the 123 keys to switch separating two keyboards. So it will be handy to type on iPhone quickly and response fast so this tweak is useful for your device. It’s also one of the Best Cydia Tweaks.

Note: $ 1.99

18: Call Bar

Best Cydia Tweaks - Call-Bar

Call bar has an exclusive feature that it displays the call interface as a banner on the topmost of the device screen. Call Bar is one iOS 10.1.1 compatible tweaks which allow you to use iPhone without persist blackout by the full incoming call screen, so it is handy tweak which displays the call interface as a banner on the top.

Note: $ 3.99

19: iFile

Best Cydia Tweaks - iFile

iFile is one infinite file manager and viewer for your iPhone/iPad devices. This function doesn’t come as a default on iOS devices. With the iFile tweak, you can assume a lot many things to do with your device which normally you cannot do with your iOs device. Such things are like managing root folder, install.deb packages in your device, transferring files through Bluetooth, edit your file any many more useful features. iFile is one gem of a best ios 10 Cydia tweaks which must have on your device this is very helpful and very easy to use.I found this one as of the  Best Cydia Tweaks in my research.

Note: Free

20: Display Recorder

Best Cydia Tweaks - Display-Recorder

Recording your iOS Screen these essential Cydia apps tweak has become famous among users, and it’s the best one to record your device screen. Display Recorder also allows you to record your screen in high resolution, different rotation, frame-rates, video formats; you can also deputize an activator gesture for expeditious recordings.

Note:  $ 3.99

21: Live Photo Enabler

Live Photo Enabler is one of those Best Cydia tweaks which will enable Native live photos features on the iOS devices. The tweak will allow you to take amazing photos right from stock camera app destitute having to use iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S plus, so this tweak is handy if you want to enable native live photo feature on your iOS devices.

Note: Free

22: Forcy / Reveal Menu

Forcy and Reveal Menu have the same kind of features, and this transfers 3D- Touch Like Functionality in older devices, additionally Reveal Menu can do a long press on any app icon to conjure the 3D Touch Quick Action Menu, In spite of using Forcy, you can only implement a swipe-up gesture instead. These gestures are sober to what you will find on 3D Touch-Enabled Devices, so this iOS 10.2 compatible tweak is very used for your 3D functionality.

Note: Free

23: iCleaner

Best Cydia Tweaks - iCleaner

iCleaner is one Cydia enable tweak which allows you to delete unnecessary files quickly from your device, it also clear cookies from your device, it also removes temporary files from your devices, so there is more feature such like these functions.  You can hook up iCleaner with any apps you would like to clean regularly, or you can set a schedule for the clean-up process, you can launch it swiftly using an activator gesture.This is also one of the Best Cydia Tweaks.

Note:  Free

24: Pref Delete

Pref Delete is used to manage all your tweaks on your device, so it’s significant tweak to have on your device, you can directly uninstall not useful tweaks by just long holding their cells  in the settings apps, The best part is there is no need to open  Cydia to do the task, so it’s useful to manage all your Best Cydia tweaks on your device.

Note:  Free

25: Power Tap

 Best Cydia Tweaks - Power-Tap

With the help of Power Tap tweak you can reboot, power down, respiring or flexibly boot on safe mood. After installing this tweak hold your power button to conjure the power down screen, now you can tap sider to change the functionality. After landing on the action, you like to perform just slide the slider to eliminate that activity. So this is very “used best ios 10 tweaks” to reboot power down and lot many more other useful features.I found this one as of the  Best Cydia Tweaks in my research.

Note:  Free

26: Switch Service

SWitch Service can allow you to designate even if a message delivered as an iMessage or SMS, and you can switch between them very quickly by just tapping and holding the send button. So this tweak can be handy as features to messages.Indeed  its one of the Best Cydia Tweaks.

Note: Free

27: Safe Alarm 2

Safe Alarm 2 is handy tweak if you want advance alarm on your device, you have features like you can change the volume level, you can add some fade to it and even you can set it to auto stop or snooze and lot more, Likewise, the tweak has a lot many universal options that you can execute to alarm app, so “this top free Cydia tweaks ios 10” tweak is useful if you like to have advance alarm feature on your device.

Note: Free

28: Springtomize 3

Best Cydia Tweaks - Springtomize-3

This tweak is very powerful when it comes to customization of iOS. One can do cool things with this tweak such as you can put more apps into the dock, you can adjust the duration of the animation.

You can remove the pages also limit you can modify status bar, icons, Lock screen, Home screen, your control center and many more cool features you can do with this tweak. Indeed it’s a very useful for your iOS device.I found this one as of the  Best Cydia Tweaks in my research.

Note: $ 2.99

29: Translate Me

Translate me is a handy best Cydia tweaks ios 9 2016 tweak for translate a text from anywhere without installing any another dictionary app. As you will finish installing Translate Me in your device, the next step will be just simply selecting any text you would like to translate. Now just tap on new Translate button which has been created by this tweak. You can notice that it’s the most favorable way to read a text on any foreign language on iOS Devices. You can use this tweak very effortlessly on your device, and it’s beneficial for your daily usage mostly while you are traveling.

Note: Free

30: Typestatus 2

 Best Cydia Tweaks- Typestatus-2

This is also one of the Best Cydia tweaks which is helpful to know if anyone was writing you any new message or if the receiver has already seen the message or have read the message, all the information will display in the status bar. This desire also helps you to configure the types of status bar alerts restrictedly for two kinds of info in the tweak settings. So it’s a pragmatic tweak in its way, and surely you can use this in your device.

Note: Free

31: Guest Mode

Best Cydia Tweaks - Guest-Mode

This tweak is very helpful this offers a convenient mode called as Guest Mode to help you if you share your device with others and with this tweak you can share your device quickly and safely with other people. You can give them access to your phone, and you can keep your private apps restrict to be used by them. So this is a useful iOS 9 lockscreen tweak if you occasionally share your device with others.I found this one as of the  Best Cydia Tweaks in my research.

Note: $0.99

32: Record Pause

This tweak used for the Camera app, you can record stop as you wish with the help of new function available within the tweak.  Also, allow you to pause the video capture by just tapping on the timer at the top most of the screen also if you wish to resume video you can tap on the timer again. So it’s funny and effortless tweak for your iOS Devices.I found this one as of the  Best Cydia Tweaks in my research.

Note: Free

33: Hide Me X

Hide ME X is one very dominant UI tweak which allows the users to customize any of the interface elements; you can easily hide icon badges, Change the Blurred style of the dock, also customize App switcher and create nested folders even control centre and much more options to do with this best Cydia tweaks iOS 8. It’s beneficial if you like to customize the UI interface.

Available versions: Hide Me X, Hide Me 8(iOS8) Hide Me 7(iOS7).

Note:  $2.99

34: Winterboard

There are particular themes for iOS devices, but before using them in your devices, you have to install winterboard. What it does is get all the data from chooses theme and apply it on your iPhone appropriately. If you have already installed winterboard in your device so you can search for the best winterboard theme and you can have the best-looking themes for your iPhone.So this is also one of the Best Cydia Tweaks.

Note: Free

35: Swipe Section Pro

 Best Cydia Twicks- Swipe-Section-Pro

Swipe section pro is one tweak which will let you swipe directly on the iOS Keyboard to move the cursor. The best feature is this it allows you to place the edit cursor in particular spot with more exactness than before. It also lets you select text by swiping from shift key or delete key. So this is also a handy iOS10 tweaks jailbreak for your iOS device.I found this one as of the  Best Cydia Tweaks in my research.

Note: $ 1.99 for pro-version 

36: Volume Panel

Best Cydia Tweaks - Volume-Panel

As an iOS user, you might of conscious of that iOS come with two distinct volume controls: ringer volume and media Volume controller. The media volume used for the in-app volume of games, music, and video and you cannot set the individual volume level for each peculiar.

So if you want to do this in your device so indeed installing Volume Panel tweak will do this job for you. This Best Cydia Tweaks proposition the button in intervening of control center so that you can tap on it to show hide and volume control so this is one handy tweak, and it makes easy for you to manage your media volume and ringer volume.

Note:  $ 1.49

37: Tiny Bar

Best Cydia Tweaks - Tiny-Bar

Tiny bar tweak is as the name manifest is one of that featured tweak which replaces the default huge notifications banner, with the use of small bar on your device you can replace the default huge notification banner by a little tiny banner that is capable in the status bar. Whenever there is any information, the text will naturally scroll down.I found it Best Cydia Tweaks In my Research.

Note: Free

38: Virtual Home

This tweak is one of the best free cydia tweaks 2017 first Touch-ID based jailbreak tweaks available, and it’s imposing alternately of acute the home button its offers four Touch ID gestures that you can use.

  • Single Tap
  • Double tap
  • Short tap
  • Single tap + Hold

These gestures even can competently assign to perform specific actions such as wake up your device, back to home screen, launch app switcher and many more other pragmatic feature. In short, you don’t have to press the home button now on.I found this one as of the  Best Cydia Tweaks in my research.

Note:  Free

39: Tactful

 Best Cydia Tweaks - Tactful

With the help of Tactful tweak and 3D touch shortcut menu on Cydia app, you can do your tasks now more facile and quickly. 3D touch menu consists four adjustments.

  • refresh repos.
  • add new repos.
  • View installed tweaks.
  • Search for a package in Cydia.

Note: Free

40: iwidget

Cydia tweaks - iWidge

iWidget is one of those Jailbreak tweak that setup you to place HTML widgets on the Home screen of your device. iWidget Provide two sample widgets comes as default, also you can search Cydia for any third-party iWidget.

As you complete installing iWidget now you have to place it on the Home Screen which is an easy task. All you need to do is just long tap on the empty area on home screen and you can see all listed featured widget in a pop-up. You can place it according to your choice anywhere on the home screen.

One thing I like to highlight is that iWidget haven’t been updated iOS 10.2

Note: Free

41: Movable 9

Cydia tweaks - Moveable9

Movable9 has a unique feature which allows you to re-arrange or hide specific status bar as you like to have. After installing it you can configure it from the settings. You can also set paddings of a specific status bar item. You can save the modified setting as different profiles. While in case you like to start a new so you can reset all setting.

42: Noctis

Cydia tweaks - Noctis

Noctis is very popular among Jailbreaking community because this provides such advanced features which Apple never allows to or refused – A dark mode for certain UI elements. Noctis enables the dark mode for volume HUD, D Touch, Action sheet and also for the Dock background. You can also adjust the black tint from Noctis settings

If you want to disable it you can do it after a specific time period from the control center as this also places a shortcut button to enable disable.

43: Zeppelin

Cydia tweaks - Zeppelin

If you want to set custom carrier logo in your status bar zeppelin is an essential tweak for you.It comes along with 20 logos pre-installed including android, apple, Nike and much more.In fact, you can install carrier logo from the third-party sources or you can modify it a little bit with your own skills.

44: Nudekeys

Cydia tweaks - Nude-keys

It allows you to remove the bordering on Apple’s default keyboard to give it a cleaner look; you can choose any color for your keyboard as you wish. Its supported iOS 10 a works smoothly.

Note: Free

45: Flip control center

Cydia tweaks - Filp-control-center

I hope you are aware that Apple doesn’t allow you to add or remove custom with the help of Flip Control Centre you can add/ remove/ arrange toggles and also works fine with toggles like cellular data, personal hotspot, and Low power. This also has feature like you can add/remove/rearrange apps in the bottom pane of the control center.

Note: Free

46: lithium lon

Cydia tweaks - Lithium-Ion

Lithium lon is an essential tweak which allows your battery in costume themes with over 25 custom inbuilt themes. According to your phone charging status and battery level its change theme accordingly. It also changes battery bar color according to regular or low battery level. All themes apply automatically according to the status of your battery and you need now to do anything manually.

Note: Free

47: Peek-a-boo

Cydia tweaks - Peek-a-boo

Its an3D Touch functionality featured app for older versions of iPhones including iPhone 6, 6 plus and iPhone 5s. It smartly works on Home screen icons, Notifications and for each app support 3D touch. This is one fact that there are a lot many apps available for 3D touch but these apps have updated for the iOS 10.2 so this gave an upper hand on another available app

You can change the sensitivity level from the settings panel. Also, you can enable/disable haptic feedback on peek and pop function accordingly.

Note: Free

48: Horseshoe

cydia tweaks - horseshoe

This app has features like it consolidate both pages in a single page so you can easily control and accessible on a single page. Volume and brightness sliders have combined into one which can be toggled through one button. this is also a fact that it takes some time to understand its functionality but in few days u will get used to it easily. Horseshoe works fine with iOS 10 and iOS 10.2 as well.

49: Wijoin

Cydia tweaks - WiJoin

It’s an app which shows you toast notification every time when you are connected to the Wi-Fi network. It’s a helpful app to know you are connected to which Wi-Fi when there are several Wi-Fi hotspots available at the same time.

Note: Free

50: Status vol X

Cydia tweaks - Status-volX

This app helps to replace Apple default obtrusive volume controller overlay HUD to a simple overlay which reflects on the status bar as a series of dots.Its compatible with iOS 10 and also with iOS 10.2.

Note: Free


I have tried to give all Best Cydia tweaks and I have researched a lot on them and giving you final best conclusion. As the user, you can get all the benefits of these gem tweaks. Even then somewhere you raise any issues related find your tweaks, please let me know by commenting below or writing a mail to me, so now it’s your time to go and get your best tweaks for your iOS devices.

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