Top 8 Android Games in 2018


“The Room” Series

not to be confused with the infamous movie of the same name, the room is a puzzle game developed for mobile phones and devices. mostly revolving around a set of complex contraptions in a room. what sets this game apart from is the extreme level of details in each level and well thought out puzzles. even better looking than the most console games.

Fruit Ninja

An all time classic in mobile gaming. this game takes advantage of simplistic touch controls by making it a very simple yet addictive game. the goal is to cut through as many fruits as possible and avoid bombs and such. and once in a while you will get a combo and by cutting though it you will destroy all the fruits at once.


you might think every RPG game has to have a complex battle system with thought provoking narratives. Battleheart takes a more simplistic approach in RGP genre and yet provides a satisfying RPG experience mostly seen on console gaming. this game focuses on a party of four and you will definitely embark on an epic adventure. with various classes, handful of abilities to master, vibrant characters and game environment you will have the same RPG experience just like in console gaming.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

a well made game for passing time. in this game like any other tower defense game you must build towers to defend yourself. and you are treated with an excellent backstory. you can play each level with different difficulty.

Knights of Pen & Paper

bringing you the 80s RPG game experience with its retro game styles and animations. however you are not just playing a fantasy character but also controlling the Dungeon Master and gamers. kind of a game within a game and this makes it more original and unique.

Super Mario Run

it was inevitable that Nintendo’s iconic character jumped on to your mobile device. with it’s simplistic running and jumping mobile (android) version makes it more simple by making Mario run by himself and allowing the player to utilize his jump. as usual Mario needs to collect coin and complete each level. even though this is not a new game it’s certainly fun to run through the classic Mario universe once again.

Cut the Rope

perhaps the most addicting game in this list. dispite the title there is a lot more to this game than just cutting a rope. to complete each level you have to deliver all the candy to hungey om nom. with realistic physics you will certantyl enjoy this simple yet addictive game.

Hitman Go

our favorite bald assassin is back and this time he will be wherever you go. a cross between strategy,board and puzzle game. just like in console and PC versions you can either play stealth or just kill all the enemies. even though this does not have the same details and graphics it’s console and PC versions do, this simple game provides a devilishly puzzling experience for those who want a little more strategy in their mobile games.

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